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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We have walls and a roof!

We are at the lake again for a couple days is all, but here is a photo with the walls up and the roof on. This morning though Chris comes over and says come look at the front of the house. Where the big window and slider had been (on the floor with the deck) there was now a huge hole, basically the whole front of the house was gone. Umm... hello? Aren't we supposed to be progressing and getting it closed in, not making bigger holes? Apparently there was rot and the whole thing had been put up pretty weirdly, so Chris and Dad (maybe more Chris than Dad) wanted to make it right before covering it all up.

This photo shows a little bit how tall the house is compared to my parents house. And my parents is one of the bigger houses on the lake. Ours got a little tall... I think it is gonna look really nice though when the round window goes in and the trellis gets put up over the front windows.

We are leaving tomorrow, so probably not much more progess till the windows go in, which will hopefully be in a month or so.

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