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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fitz on the treadmill

Fitz sometimes has too much energy than is good for him. Well, maybe too much for us... A little while on the treadmill seems to help him behave better. We started him off on the treadmill at an early age, he fought it quite a bit then, but now has gotten the hang of it so well he doesn't even need a leash. The other day he went and stood on it, turned around and stared at me, like, come on mom, lets go. Here he is going at 3 on my mom's machine, I am not sure if that is 3mph or what. Chris had him up to 4.5 the other day for a short stint, that was quite a running pace for him. (Chris says he was doing sprints with him...) I think he looks quite silly, in a loving, only a mother would think it is cute kind of way. Enjoy!



Joella said...

So cute! He looks really happy!

Lacey said...

That is unbelievably funny!!!

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