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Friday, October 3, 2008

No chocolate fixation Friday for me (and a couple other things)

So, I injured my back a week or so ago, and just today got in to have a Dr look at MRI's and Xrays. Turns out I just have back pain with no real injury. I now have some lovely drugs to make me feel better though. So, no chocolate baking for me this time. I am still supposed to lay low for another week or so to let the inflammation go down and hopefully recover in another 10 days or so. I think Chris is a little tired of playing nursemaid to me and taking care of the 3 dogs. Yes, we now have 3 dogs (temporarily). We are fostering Harley the pug for Seattle Pug Rescue. So if anyone you know wants a very affectionate loveable 2yo pug let me know, he is a doll...



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Joella said...

So glad there's no injury... I'm glad you have some drugs to help you feel better and hopefully you'll be feeling great soon!

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