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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have knitted many things for many people since starting, but nothing for Chris yet. So, this is a scarf for Chris. This is new yarn to me, a 5 strand cashmere. It is SO soft! Not an itch in sight. This is the first time I have knitted with something not plied, and I thought it would be really easy to stab through the middle of the strands, but happily that has only happened once or twice. It is a little slippery, but other than that it is a dream to knit with, not chafing my fingers at all. I had hoped the colors would be brown, grey, taupe and black (the description on the internet said neutral) but the black I wanted is Navy. I had wanted Chris to be able to wear it with either his black or brown coats, but oh well. I'll just have to make him a black scarf another time. I am doing this in a simple K1, P1 stitch so it will be thick-ish and let the hand painted loveliness of the yarn shine through. I hope Chris likes it!

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Joella said...

It looks very soft & warm in the picture! I'm sure Chris will love it!

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